Children of Fire

      The Ra’Din are a people reduced to legend and superstition, and Arryn, the overlooked middle child of the royal family, was prepared to live his life without duty or recognition. On the day of the king’s burial, events are set in motion that threaten his family and his people. Arryn is forced … Continue reading Children of Fire

Beginning Stones

  The dark forces that plague the Ra’Din children grow impatient as they push their plans forward, only to lead Naerwyn to a long-forgotten ally. Her brother Ankenar continues his search for a way to rescue her through the infamous Guild, a group of impressive skill and influence. More impressive is their leader, Gideon, who … Continue reading Beginning Stones

Eye of the Void

    To kill a dragon is one of the greatest crimes of existence, and the Delerin have killed many. Nature, in order to right itself, has issued a punishment, but who will pay the true price for elvish atrocities? This is the third installment in┬áthe Children of Fire series. Follow the links below to … Continue reading Eye of the Void