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dreamwalkercoverdraft5 I know, I know, it’s been a while. I’ve had a lot of changes in the past year, and I hope for many more good things to come, including a lot more writing! Children of Fire’s fourth installment is well underway and I will provide some updates on that front soon, but in the meantime I am releasing an unrelated short story this weekend! You can pre-order it for your kindle for only 99c!

Dreamwalker is part of what I think will be a three-pronged anthology consisting of two short stories and one full-length novel, all set in the same world. While they will each be fully independent of one another and enjoyable on their own, there will be linking events and references that I hope will make for a richer experience. I’m really excited to see how this one turns out! You can watch the book trailer I made below.

Dreamwalker: A Short Story

“He has dreamed the same scene every night for almost twenty years. Sometimes he is standing over his wife’s body, other times he kneels beside her as she gasps softly, clinging to each breath. At times they are in a cave, a house, or the depths of some enemy’s dungeon. The runes glow red, silver, green, or not at all. Sometimes there is a knife in his hand. The details change and shift, all but the scent, and when he finally gets it right he’ll remember what truly happened and where he went wrong.”

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New Short Story

photo credit: HaoJan via photopin cc

photo credit: HaoJan via photopin cc

I’m sticking to my goal to publish one novel and four short stories in 2015 by starting another entry on Wattpad. This short story, titled The Song Under the Mountain, will be updated weekly via Wattpad until completion, and will later be edited and polished for publication on Amazon. I had a lot of fun writing weekly installments of The Sight of Blood last spring and hope to get the same levels of motivation for this new piece!

Like The Sight of Blood, this story will also take place in the Children of Fire universe, but new readers shouldn’t have a problem following along.

Click here to read part 1 of The Song Under the Mountain.