Free Stuff!

Moving weekend! The majority of my possessions are in boxes right now and I am sitting here hoping everything will fit into either my tiny car or the van my mom rented (thank you, Mom!) to help me move. I cannot wait to finish so I can start writing again!

But on to the free stuff.

Look! A giveaway! If you happen to be on Goodreads, I am offering 3 signed paperback copies of my little book, Children of Fire. Entries will be closed and winners announced on June 1st. Click here to enter!

Crazy Week is Crazy

Book News Update first: I think the 14th of every month will be a free promotion day. Yesterday’s freebie promo brought almost 2,000 more people  into the fold. Hopefully I get a few more fans out of it 🙂 At one point I hit #8 in free fantasy e-books and #109 in kindle books!! Wow. Not a bad way to start off the week.

Except I graduated!

Yep, I wore the silly looking hat, avoided tripping on stage, and got my picture taken who knows how many times. I’m not sure how different I feel. Does having a degree make my writing better? Probably not, but without my experiences and classes I don’t think it would be where it is today. Same for my artwork, really. Say what you will about whether getting a college education is worth the costs anymore, but I do know that my skills were nowhere near what they are today, and I’m not sure that I could have reached this point on my own.

So that’s all over with, and this week I am in between chapters. A lot of my stuff is in boxes right now, and the rest will be in a few days. Everything looks very empty, especially after my roommate moved out yesterday. A note on moving: You never think you have this much stuff. How could so much fit into a tiny apartment??  Maybe some sort of TARDIS technology.

What next? Moving this weekend, followed by buying replacements for the furniture I can’t take with me. Once I’m settled in I’ll finally be able to get back to writing more than a paragraph or two at a time. I will also start to really advertise my book as much as I can before the shameless plugging feels shameful. I submitted links to a few websites that announce free books and it really made a difference yesterday. Aside from that: Job hunting. I will be applying for traditional jobs as well as freelancing gigs. I have a few small projects lined up that will earn me a little bit in the future, so at least I’ll be keeping busy. Who wants to hire me?

Day One

For some reason I remember a particular day in middle school, 8th grade maybe, in PE class. We had just started the health section where they had to make sure we knew to eat healthy and take care of ourselves, and the health teacher looked at us and said, “This is the first day of the rest of your life.” At that point I stopped listening and started to draw. I know it was supposed to be inspirational and make me want to do something awesome with my life, but that came later. All I could think about was how by her logic I should be saying that every day, and in that the phrase lost meaning.

So what has meaning? Today. For two reasons that have timed out perfectly.

Today is the last day of classes. In one day I will no longer have to worry about homework, making it to class on time, carrying heavy books around, or sitting through long lectures that don’t interest me. I’ve spent years doing that and it’s all behind me now. Awesome. In about one week I will be a college graduate. Two papers, a portfolio, and a presentation stand in my way after today. I’ve given in to the fact that I do my best work under a tight deadline, so I’ll probably put it all off until after the weekend, but then I’ll be finished. I have the silly looking cap and gown and in about a week I’ll go sit with my friends and walk across a stage to get a piece of paper, then my family will say nice things and it will all be real life from there.

And perhaps one of the more bizarre mileposts today: I’ve been a published author for one month as of today. I’ve sold somewhere around 150 copies, and about 1,500 more have gotten my book for free. I’m already finding myself listed on other websites. My amazing friends have been awesome at spreading the word and expanding my reader base just a little bit farther. I am 5,000 words into my second publication, and I’m looking forward to the release with as much excitement as I used to anticipate my birthday. Maybe I can do this full time someday. Maybe. It’s a pretty good goal.