Overdue Post

I have an exam and a project due tomorrow, and several chores to do, so I thought to myself : I should blog!

Two weeks of classes left. This has been by far the most intense semester ever. I haven’t really had a day off. I’m not going to get a day off until exams start. That’s the beauty of being an English major I suppose: You work yourself to death up until the last day of classes, but exams usually consist of either turning in a paper or giving a short presentation, no studying required!

Next semester will be my very last. I’m not sure if it’s hit me yet. I’m graduating! I’ve actually been very paranoid about the whole thing, because according to my adviser I only need 6 credit hours (two classes) to finish, which makes next semester seem imaginary. I’ve registered for three classes: one is required, one I’m repeating for credit because it was a lot of fun and not much work, and one that will give me skills that make my resume prettier.

Resume building is pretty much my focus now. In about six months I’ll be out in that “real world” everyone is always talking about and I’ll need an income and a place to live and insurance and a puppy. I’ve got somewhat of a plan, at least. Next semester I’ll finish up my degree, work on writing short stories for publication, and start learning Japanese.

Why Japanese, you ask? Well, that’s all part of the Master-plan! During my visit to Japan in October I enjoyed it SO MUCH that I decided I want to go live there for a while! The people were awesome, the food is great, and there was so much about the place that I just connected with. I’ve been applying for jobs as an English teacher and will hopefully land something by the end of next summer. Plus think of how much more interesting this blog would be if I could post stuff about my experiences in a foreign country! 😀

There’s a lot more I could ramble about, but I really should try and get stuff done.

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