The Best Writing Advice I Still Remember

photo credit: HaoJan via photopin cc

photo credit: HaoJan via photopin cc

When I was five years old I wrote my first story. It was about the chicken pox I had at the time. My body didn’t react well to the disease, but my mind grew bored and so I started writing. My dad is a writer, so I suppose at the time I was only following by example.

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How to Help your Favorite Author

A good friend of mine recently self published his first novel. With a good year and a bit separating our publications I’ve been able to step back and observe the similarities that arise from us indie authors who are just starting out. One thing I notice across the board is that at first we depend and thrive on the initial support we receive from friends and family. I am still blown away by the support I get from my friends, and I’m sure there are a lot of other indies who feel the same, no matter their medium. If you happen to be one of those people who has shown support for a budding indie artist, go ahead and get yourself a cookie or something because you deserve it. I’ll wait. Continue reading