Blog Revival and Free Stuff

After over a year of trying out other blog platforms, I always come back to you, WordPress. We can make it work this time. I’m willing to commit. Do you forgive me, WordPress? Of course you do. I don’t deserve you.

the puppet record, by ML Candelario2013 was a pretty interesting year. I feel like I’m maturing as an artist, so I won’t have to pretend for much longer. This week actually marks my first week as a freelancer, which leaves me both excited and completely freaked out. I’m doing my best to form a plan that will expand the reach of my personal projects and hopefully land some clients for both writing and artwork. More to follow on that.

I think one of the highlights of my year was being asked to create the cover art for my good friend’s debut sci-fi novel, The Puppet Record. If you are into sci-fi and philosophy then this is the book for you. I had a lot of fun working with Mike to get to an image that he was  happy with, and can’t wait to see what he has next for me.

As far as my own work goes, Children of Fire Part III will be ready to go in a few more weeks. My only regret is getting sidetracked for so long. I’m trying to make it up to my readers in the form of free content. I’ll be releasing free weekly content in the form of short stories on a site called Wattpad, where I’m starting with some origin stories centered in the CoF universe. The weekly updates will be in the form of 1-2 page installments. Comments and feedback will help me stay motivated, so don’t be shy about doing so! You can check out the first installment of Rhen’s story on there now.

The Sight of Blood: Rhen's Story by Mary Fonvielle


2 thoughts on “Blog Revival and Free Stuff

  1. Jaime says:

    The dragon on the cover of Rhen’s Story looks a lot like my stick figure dragons. If I didn’t know the series, that alone would make me want to read your books. 😀

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