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Eye of the Void is about a week away from being in full release mode (you can already get the ebook though) and now it’s time to look ahead. I hope to get a lot more content published this year, so I am going to try my best to keep my momentum up. Here are some of my projects and goals for the months ahead: Continue reading

Eye of the Void now Available!

Eye of Eye of the Void by Mary Fonviellethe Void
Children of Fire, Part III

“To kill a dragon is one of the greatest crimes of existence, and the Delerin have killed many. Nature, in order to right itself, has issued a punishment, but who will pay the true price for elvish atrocities?”

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This is part three of my “Children of Fire” series. You can get the first book on Amazon or Smashwords, or you can order a signed print copy from me directly via the Books page.

A special thank-you to my Beta Readers, who kept my confidence up and gave me excellent feedback during the editing process. If you’re interested in becoming  a Beta Reader for me, follow me on Facebook and let me know!

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