Upcoming Projects

Eye of the Void is about a week away from being in full release mode (you can already get the ebook though) and now it’s time to look ahead. I hope to get a lot more content published this year, so I am going to try my best to keep my momentum up. Here are some of my projects and goals for the months ahead:

  • Origin Stories. You can see the progress bar for my first Children of Fire origin story (centered on
    The Sight of Blood: Rhen's Story by Mary Fonvielle

    I also need to update some cover art.

    Rhen, as decided by my Facebook fans.) The draft chapters are up on Wattpad and free for everyone to read, but upon completion I plan on expanding the chapters a little bit and publishing this short story as an ebook, most likely for kindle only so I can take advantage of their marketing options. Once I get a bunch of these, I’ll publish a collection of origin stories in both print and digital format. Expect Rhen’s story to be available for download sometime in May.

  • Website. I do apologize for the mess that the website is in now. I’ve switched over to a full WordPress site and am still getting the hang of the mechanics. Hopefully everything will be looking pretty and orderly again by the end of the month.
  • Freelancing. Have I mentioned yet that I quit my job in February and decided to try freelancing? Well I did. This transition has been all sorts of terrifying, but so far I am enjoying the freedom it offers and have been way more motivated to work on my own personal projects. I hope to expand my client base and start making a more liveable salary over the next few months. If you know anyone who needs a copywriter, send them my way! You can check out my portfolio and other info on Elance.
  • Book 4 is probably all you want to know about, am I right? Again, the progress bar on the sidebar will let you keep track of what I’m doing, and do feel free to send me a message of encouragement/heckle me if I’m taking too long. Right now I have a few scenes written out in skeleton form and am working on getting a solid outline down on paper. The hardest part has been deciding where I want this book to end, because as of now it looks like books 5 & 6 are in the realms of the possible.

So there’s a little bit of what’s happening in my life. Is there anything you’re looking forward to from me? Anything that wasn’t on my list that should be? Let me know!

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