New Short Story

photo credit: HaoJan via photopin cc

photo credit: HaoJan via photopin cc

I’m sticking to my goal to publish one novel and four short stories in 2015 by starting another entry on Wattpad. This short story, titled The Song Under the Mountain, will be updated weekly via Wattpad until completion, and will later be edited and polished for publication on Amazon. I had a lot of fun writing weekly installments of The Sight of Blood last spring and hope to get the same levels of motivation for this new piece!

Like The Sight of Blood, this story will also take place in the Children of Fire universe, but new readers shouldn’t have a problem following along.

Click here to read part 1 of The Song Under the Mountain.

Upcoming Projects

Eye of the Void is about a week away from being in full release mode (you can already get the ebook though) and now it’s time to look ahead. I hope to get a lot more content published this year, so I am going to try my best to keep my momentum up. Here are some of my projects and goals for the months ahead: Continue reading