Decisions, decisions.


Every so often I’ll decide it’s time for something new. So here’s what I picked up the other day.

It's zuchinni

In other news, I got a new digital camera. The lighting in my apartment is awful.

But anyway, I got some zucchini. Maybe as an attempt to be healthier. Except one of them is about to be turned into oven baked chips.

Anytime I want to try something new, my first resource is a blog called Foodgawker. It’s pages upon pages of beautiful food pictures that usually link to their recipes. I look at it all the time. The search option lets you check out particular ingredients and I’m sure if they could track who views their website they’d think all I do is stuff my face. So today I searched for zucchini. Then I learned how to spell “zucchini” correctly (two C’s, not two N’s) and searched again.

So many possibilities. Zucchini in pasta, zucchini in rice. Baked, fried, grilled. Healthy recipes and not-so-healthy ones. Chocolate zucchini cake. How do I choose? What sounds good?

Good morning, Internets

Less than two weeks before classes start. Summer work ended and I don’t want to bother with another job until I know what my workload will be, so I  have very little to do. Hence, a post! I seriously doubt I’ll do daily posts once the semester rolls in, since as an English major all of my classes are very writing-intensive and the last thing I’ll want to do during my free time is WRITE MORE. Or maybe I will, who knows.

So I have a few issues with this semester. First off, all of my classes are on the same two days each week. Lots of free time should be nice, and everyone I’ve told who has had a similar schedule says it’s awesome, but I’m worried I’ll get lazy with all those days off. I need to be better about doing my work earlier than the morning before it’s due this year. It’s hit me that this is my last year at college, last chance to get my grades up. Grades honestly don’t matter to me, but I want a good job and I feel like graduating with honors of some sort would look very nice on a resume.
Second: My major requires me to take Oral Interpretations. This is a theater class. I am not a theater major. I generally believe that a lot of writers write because they want to write. Not act. I don’t like to act. I don’t like to read stuff aloud. This class is about acting and reading stuff aloud. That is all.

On another note, I believe that a lot of interpretations of what people write is complete nonsense. For example, say my character is wearing a blue shirt. Suddenly everyone goes into this whole discussion about the significance of the blue shirt- how it symbolizes the character’s feelings about blah blah blah.

No. The shirt is blue because he likes blue. The end. I’m all for symbolism in stories and use it quite often, but every single detail does not have some deep meaning that I spent hours thinking about.

Despite the fact that I’ll be ranting about all the assignments in a few weeks, I actually like having all these writing classes. It’s a ton of work, yes, but it’s also good practice and I think it helps me to have a deadline so I actually get stuff done. I’m terrible about doing things on my own, and lose motivation very easily. The only thing I take initiative in is cooking- trying new recipes, different ingredients, etc. It doesn’t matter if I’m just cooking for one. I guess it’s because I get immediate gratification because food is delicious. I’m a good cook, and I don’t feel like I’m being arrogant when I say that. I’m proud of my cooking. It’s amazing I don’t weigh twice as much- if my metabolism ever slows down I’m doomed.