When did I grow up?

I should be writing my story right now, but the rain stopped and the weather is getting pretty and that makes my mind wander.


Today is freshmen move-in day at App. I can remember mine so clearly, it doesn’t seem right that it was almost five years ago. In all honesty I picked this university on a whim. I was miserable at the end of high school and couldn’t see how life would ever be good. College was just the next step- something I had to do. I knew I wanted to get away, but that was about it. A lot of people told me I’d do well up here so I applied, literally on the last day they were still accepting applications. When I took the tour up here there was something about the mountains that made me feel good about myself again, so when I got in I immediately enrolled. Moving in was crazy and the dorms turned out to be a nightmare, but I made a few friends and was content with that.

Now I’m a 5th year senior and will be graduating in about 8 months. That blows my mind. I have no idea what I’ll be doing this time next year, and that’s a little terrifying for me. I like to know what’s happening next. College, like I said, was the next step, but now there aren’t anymore steps. I could do pretty much anything I wanted. I could do nothing at all. I hope I don’t end up doing nothing at all.

I want a puppy. That puts a few steps in place: Job, new apartment that allows puppies, puppy. Even having that makes me feel better.

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