Back in the swing of things

Busy busy these past few weeks. You’d think taking a nine hour semester would be easy and leave you  with lots of free time, but you’d be wrong. Last semester was dedicated to the long stream of homework; this semester is dedicated to many meetings and errands.

Granted, I do have my weekends back, which has been great. I’ve been painting on a regular basis again, and writing about what I want to when I feel like it. The book is still under revision – I had to make myself step away from it for a while so I could look at it more objectively. Still hoping to release it by Spring Break at the latest. I am trying to figure out CreateSpace so I can have printed copies as well as e-books.

I’ve been pretty involved with the public library this past year, which I love. I’m part of a class that teaches a creative writing club to elementary-middle school aged kids every week. I’m the student assistant this semester, which accounts for a lot of my meetings and errands. It’s a lot of fun and I love my kid partner. I’ve also been asked to run an activity for the older kids’ writing group this Friday. Still trying to figure out what I want to do, but it will most likely end up being some sort of awesome writing game.

Senoiritis has hit me hard. There’s one class in particular where I’m completely unmotivated because I’m taking it in hopes of gaining some extra skills rather than to satisfy my degree requirements. The class itself is very tedious right now and all I can do is sit there thinking “I don’t need this to graduate. I could just leave.” All I think about lately is finding a job and a new place and getting out of here. I spend at least an hour every day going through job ads. I just signed my graduation application form today. I’m incredibly paranoid – my mind keeps telling me that they’ll reject it and tell me I need more classes or something, and that I have to stay longer. I don’t want that. I’ve already agreed to sublease my apartment, so as of June I am gone. Boone and Appstate have been great overall and I’ve met a lot of amazing friends, but they won’t stay and neither will I. I’ve reached that point where I’m ready to move on and start something new. And get a puppy.

So that’s been the jist of my past few weeks. I hope everyone is enjoying 2012 so far. I’ll try to get a more interesting post up later 🙂

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