New blog title, new stuff happening!

Okay, first of all: I’m a published author! Yay! It is honestly one of the most bizarre feelings I’ve ever experienced. I’ll post more up tomorrow or Friday when my print copy arrives, but seeing my pages on Amazon’s website is really strange. I don’t know that everything has sunk in yet. I will say that my friends have shown incredible support, and I am truly grateful for all their efforts, from buying my book to plugging it to others to leaving awesome reviews. Thank you, everyone.

Just over three weeks of school left. Ever. I don’t think that has sunk in, either. My plans and ambitions have been all over the place the last few months, but I finally feel like I have some sort of direction. My apartment is officially subleased for the summer and I (hopefully) have a place to move to at the end of May. My biggest concern is that it has been a real struggle to keep myself involved in my classes. At this point I feel like I’ve gotten started on what I hope will one day be my career, and honestly school has just been getting in the way lately. I’ve promised myself that the last three weeks won’t be that way, that I’ll participate in class and do all my homework and all that jazz, but we’ll see. I think it was like this during my last month of high school, but I don’t really remember.

What else… I’ve been keeping up  with my artwork lately, which I love. I feel like I improve a little every time. I’ve rediscovered charcoal as a medium and I’m starting to like it a lot more. I was first formally introduced to using charcoal in a drawing class I took here – incidentally the class that led to choosing Art as a minor. I didn’t think I was very good at it and stored all my pencils and such away. For whatever reason I dug them out a couple weeks ago, and now I’m not sure why I hated using it. Most of what I’ve been drawing is character sketches and concept art for my writing, and I hope the folks who liked my Facebook page don’t mind the spamming.

So that’s all for today, but I will try to be better about posting updates again – especially once I reach graduation. Counting down the days!

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