Yesterday was a roller coaster. 1277 people took a free kindle version of Children of Fire. That blows my 50 sales out of the water. It feels like I’m holding my breath now, waiting for some sort of feedback – a review, a Facebook like, screams of anguish in the streets, something. Even if only a fraction of those 1277 decide to read it I’ll have expanded my reader base dramatically. It’s unreal to think that the story I was scribbling down on notebook paper in high school now has that many potential readers out there who think the stuff that comes out of my head is worth space on their kindle. If any of those people ever read this: I am honored, truly.

Today looks pretty busy, as does my next month. April has zoomed by and it’s all I can do to remind myself that I have to get stuff done soon or it’s not happening. Unfortunately I’ve been up since the crack of dawn because of allergies, and nothing about that is motivating. Something about Sundays in general make me want to sit around doing nothing. I’m also sitting here straining to remember the awesome ideas I had for writing late last night as I was trying to fall asleep. Thanks a lot, brain. I probably should have gotten up and written it all down when I thought of it, but maybe it was just my sleep-deprived mind that thought the wording was so perfect and I’m better off wondering about it now.

Seriously, though. It was good.

2 thoughts on “1277

  1. mlcandelario says:

    1277 is insane. Seriously. I know I have told you this a lot, but that is really impressive. And an inspiration to start getting my own writing together so I can put it up on the Kindle store. As for getting late-night ideas that seem really awesome: that happens to me too. I feel like most of my good ideas come from that moment just before I doze off. I try to remember to keep a notepad by the bed for just such occasions. But I have to admit that I’ve also had those moments where I realize the idea was crap and it was just my tired brain thinking it was good in the first place.

    • Mary says:

      I should start keeping a notebook by the bed for ideas. Maybe I’ll discover if any of them are actually worth it.

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