Is it Fall Break, yet?

I’m trying not to fall out of the habit of making blog posts, even if they are just bits of randomness. I’ve noticed somehow that writing a lot has made it easier to write for homework assignments – the words flow a little easier and ideas don’t get quite as stuck in my mind before I manage to put them to words. Which is good, because I’m writing several pages of stuff per week at least. And reading a whole lot more.

I feel like I’m learning a lot this semester – much of it stuff that will stick with me and be useful once I get out into that “real world” everyone keeps talking about. Three of my four classes have been some of my favorites in all my college classes ever, which is probably what is keeping me from burning out completely. I haven’t spent a day without doing homework of some kind since classes began. Add in Boone’s bi-polar weather and keeping something of a social life and be amazed that I am still alive. I’m somewhat worried that it will all catch up to me one day and I’ll fall behind like I always tend to do, but I’ll try not to think about that too much.

In about an hour I’ll be applying for a passport. I hope it works this time. Once I get that sent away and our tickets are secured I’ll be able to get excited about my trip to Japan. I’ll be going to Buddhist and Shinto temples in Japan and I’m still not excited :/ It’s a little frustrating.

There’s my morning babble. Maybe I’ll make a more interesting post later on in-between all my errands and homework. At the very least I think I’ll prep a recipe for posting this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Is it Fall Break, yet?

  1. SillyJaime says:

    I’ve already told Walter that he should expect more journal writing and more blogs during October and November, because November is NaNoWriMo and I know that writing every day helps me to get my ideas out better. I’ll probably do Morning Pages a couple days a week in my journal as well as write a blog post nearly every day.

    Also I’m a failure because I haven’t sent the Snickers yet.

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