Time to be Productive Again…

The countdown has begun. My final year of college begins in less than 10 days. I already have homework. Is it time for fall break yet?

I love making lists. They keep me organized, or at least as organized as it is possible for me to be. Something about laying out everything I am set out to do helps me keep on track. So here is the list I made for myself to finish before classes begin:

1. Make a blog. Done! Sometimes I’ll add stuff to my list that I’ve already accomplished so that I feel like I’m getting somewhere. This isn’t completely the case here, as I am starting out by copying a list I made for myself about a week ago. I’m glad I did this one and I hope I keep up with it when things get hectic again.

2. Start a painting. I’ve been telling myself I’ll do this all year. It’s sort of a messy process, which is why I’ve been putting it off, but once I get into it I really enjoy myself and feel a lot better afterward. Something about painting is very therapeutic for me. Once I get something started I might post pictures here. I did start a drawing a little earlier this weekend, does that count? Update: I made a new banner for a club I’m in and I consider that to fall under the same category as a painting. Everyone loved it!

3. Clean my apartment. I’ve been doing this in small increments but the mess catches up before I get very far. One day this week I’m going  to turn on some inspirational music and just get it all done. Update: Done!

4. Clean out my car. It’s like my second closet.

5. Go hiking. I can do this after school starts, of course, but I’d like to get one more long day hike in beforehand. The weather has been great in the mornings but by mid-afternoon we’ve got tiny hail and flash floods, so I don’t have much control over this one and therefore won’t feel bad if I don’t accomplish it before class starts. Update: Done! Sort of. We went to a park the other day that I hoped would have some nice trails, but instead we got a very nice view of the town. It looks so different from overhead!

6. Finish a short story. The aforementioned homework. I’ve got about half of one that I started a while back so I’m not too worried about getting it done. I just need the inspiration/motivation to do so.

7. Get  my textbooks and school supplies before the freshmen arrive. My university does this awesome thing where we’re rented our textbooks for free, but the only downside is that if you don’t get there early enough then you will be standing in line for at least an hour or two trying to get them, no matter what day or time you try it. Update: Done, unless there are some unlisted books that my professors will tell us about on the first day of class, which might happen.

I’m sure there are a few things I’ll add to this list before I finish it all, but this seems like a start.

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