My Online Drawing


RMD is an awesome website, but WordPress won’t let me host the little sidebar widget that shows my latest drawings 😦 Sad day. I’m posting this one as a reminder to myself to use this website, because it keeps me drawing without making a mess in my room with all my drawing supplies.

5 thoughts on “My Online Drawing

  1. SillyJaime says:

    But having art supplies is like HALF the fun of drawing! The other half is actually finishing AND liking what you’ve created. Not included in the fun parts are the actual drawing and the getting frustrated because something doesn’t look EXACTLY like you saw it in your head.

    • Mary says:

      While art supplies are LOADS of fun ( I could and probably will dedicate an entire post to the extent of my art supplies) sometimes I just don’t have the time to get them all out, much less clean up after myself when I’m done! I have an awesome pen tablet that lets me do digital work and it’s great when I want to be creative but don’t want to spread out and make a mess

        • Mary says:

          I have a wacom intuos 3 I think, It was a Christmas/Birthday/Every holiday for a year gift a while back 😀 I use adobe Photoshop Elements 8, which came with the tablet. They’ve offered me Elements 9 for cheap recently and I’ve been considering getting it, but I dunno if I should spend $70 right now on what is essentially a hobby. Stupid economy making me responsible :/

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